😍 Beauties Of OSRAM 😍

“My female workmates at OSRAM Opto Semiconductor in Bayan Lepas, Penang. This is a tribute to Puthry for her wonderful pose together during break time.” 😘❤️😍 Advertisements

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😇 Transcendence III 😇

A smiling soul flying in the dark, The night looks on the light I shine, As angels waiting by the door of immortality, I see my heart kissed by their love. 😇

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😍 The Obsession 😍

“The obsession is a real life story of my die hard ‘six feet under’ interest over a girl, Azinah. She lives in my mind dictionary known as ‘beautiful, lovely and enchanting’. If I am the Beast, she is considered the Beauty, only with the ending of me not getting her at all. A considerable perfection […]

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❤️ Azinah III ❤️

“Azinah, on her beautiful, lovely and enchanting visit to Penang Butterfly Farm…” 😘❤️😍 Advertisements

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😇 Transcendence II 😇

As high as the land of spirituality, Begins the timeless adventure in a fly without wings, Where forces of nature lost to the spirited men, Where rotation of stars become the idea of bliss. 😇 Advertisements

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❤️ Azinah II ❤️

“Fashionable photography of the beautiful, lovely and enchanting Nur Azinah…” 😘❤️😍 Advertisements

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😇 Transcendence 😇

In the darkest hour of my death, My spirit lies before my naked eyes, As I see nothing beyond my extinction, So lost for a day in my soul container and lives for a timeless adventure. 😇 Advertisements

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